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25. The child placing agency that has temporary protective custody of a newborn under the Safe Delivery of Newborns Act will be required to complete court forms. What forms have been developed and how does the agency access them?

The State Court Administrator's Office has approved forms to be used related to the surrendered newborn. These forms are available from the Family Division of Circuit Court. They are also available on the  Michigan Courts website . For easy reference, the form numbers and titles have been provided:

  • CCFD-01 Petition for Placement Order of Surrendered Newborn Child
  • CCFD-02 Order Placing Surrendered Newborn with Prospective Adoptive Parents
  • CCFD-03 Petition of Parent for Custody of Surrendered Newborn Child
  • CCFD-04 Order for Blood or Tissue Typing or DNA Profile
  • CCFD-05 Motion Objecting to DNA Identification Profile or Blood/Tissue Typing Summary Report
  • CCFD-06 Order Determining Custody of Surrendered Newborn Child
  • CCFD-07 Petition to Accept Release and Terminate Rights to Surrendered Newborn Child