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How To Report

Providers designated as subrecipients must submit either (1) a Single Audit reporting package, management letter (if issued) with a response, and Corrective Action Plan (if applicable); or (2) a Financial Related Audit, and management letter (if issued) with a response; or (3) an Audit Exemption Notice within nine months after the end of the provider’s fiscal year.  If exempt from Single Audit and Financial Related Audit requirements, a Financial Statement Audit prepared in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards that includes disclosures that may negatively impact the Department funded programs must be submitted in addition to the Audit Exemption Notice.

PIHPs and CMHSPs must submit to the Department a Financial Statement Audit, a Compliance Examination Report, a Corrective Action Plan for any audit or examination findings that impact MDHHS-funded programs, and management letter (if issued) with a response by June 30th following the contract year end. 

Report Submission 

Required audit materials or the Audit Exemption Notice must be submitted by e-mail to MDHHS at .  The required materials must be assembled in PDF files and compatible with Adobe Acrobat (read only).  The subject line must state the agency name and fiscal year end.  MDHHS reserves the right to request a hard copy of the audit materials if for any reason the electronic submission process is not successful. 



Telephone:  517-241-7599