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Community Resource Program (CRP)

You can make the world a better place by volunteering.

If you can contribute time (even two hours per week) and want to take a more active role in your community, or if you're looking for job experience to include on your resume, CRP is for you!

Volunteers are able to learn new skills, become involved in the community, help others, and may receive reimbursement for mileage and meals. The following services are a sample of what volunteers do and may not be available in every county.

Transportation: Provide volunteer transportation for Health screening, dental clinics, foster care, delinquency, adult services, and some special transportation needs. Assist Medicaid customers with transportation to doctors and specialists.

Case Aide: Assist with the CRP by compiling monthly volunteer statistics. Help with foster visitations at MDHHS office and transport children back to foster homes after visits.

Clerical Aide: Assist customers in completing applications, process Medicaid transportation vouchers, update manuals, copy materials for staff, and file closed cases and case filing. Assist with mailings, assemble information packets and reports.

Customer Aide: Assist Adult Services customers with independent living skills.

Advisory Board Services: A group serving as an Advisory Committee to the Community Resource Coordinator, meeting monthly.

Information and Referral: Linking community people and customers to community resources.

Donations Processing: Volunteers accept and sort used clothing and furniture. Items are given free to needy families. Stores donated bedsprings, mattresses, couches and chairs for families. Easter baskets are made by volunteers for customer children and blankets are donated and distributed by caseworkers.

Fundraising: Conducting craft and bake sales, yard sales, or raffles in which monies raised are used at Christmas and throughout the year for special needs.

Handiperson: Doing small odd jobs for customers. Help pick up and deliver furniture to customers as needed. Transport surplus MDHHS furniture, etc. to Lansing warehouse.

Newsletter and Publicity Aide: Help produce a Newsletter to disseminate volunteer information.

Social Security Payee: Receive Social Security checks and work with customers regarding money management.

Christmas Clearing House: Coordinate a gift or food basket distribution, organize "Caring Trees" or new toys and used clothing drives.

VITA Program: Volunteers assist the elderly and low income with Property Tax and Home Heating Credits. Training is received from Michigan Treasury and IRS. The Earned Income Credit is very beneficial to working customers.

Lobby Assistant: Volunteers work in the lobby area assisting incoming clients with online application and/or assisting with these needs through an offsite community partnership.