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Beth Nagel, Senior Deputy Director, Policy Planning and Operational Support Administration

Beth Nagel is the senior deputy director for the Policy, Planning & Operational Support Administration for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Nagel helps with the development and coordination of new policies and solutions to further the department's mission across multiple administrations. She is responsible for the direction and oversight of the Policy and Planning Division, the Bureau of Organizational Services, Community and Faith Engagement, Office of Workforce Engagement and Transformation, Workforce Engagement/Process Improvement and the Office of Workforce Development and Training.

Nagel has held several positions at MDHHS, and in her most recent role as director of Policy and Planning, she and her staff increased health care providers in Michigan's underserved areas and promoted access to high quality and low-cost healthcare services statewide.

During the COVID-19 crisis, her leadership and assistance have been invaluable in such areas as testing in long-term care facilities and expanding hospital capacity. Another key project of note is her work on expanding the use of Health Information Technology and the exchange of electronic patient information through the state.

She has a Master's degree in telecommunications policy from Michigan State University.

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