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Jean Ingersoll, Chief Administrative Officer

Jean Ingersoll is the Chief Administrative Officer for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, where she oversees the Bureau of Emergency Preparedness, EMS, and Systems of Care, the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council, the Legal Affairs Administration, the Policy Planning and Operational Support Administration, the Office of Child Support and the Bureau of Children’s Coordinated Health Policy and Supports.

Ingersoll has worked for the State of Michigan for more than two decades, beginning at the Michigan Department of Transportation. At MDHHS, she began in 2011 as an assistant administrator to the Chief Deputy Director and later managed the department’s Pathways to Potential Program and the Community Resource Program. She also spearheaded the department’s Integrated Service Delivery Project, which was designed to make service delivery more people-centric.

Ingersoll stepped away from MDHHS in 2016 to work as the litigation and FOIA manager and interim Chief of Staff for the Department of Technology, Management and Budget, and later joined the Detroit Health Department as Director of Policy and interim Director and Health Officer. She returned to MDHHS in 2019 to serve as Administrative Deputy Director of Public Health. Prior to her current position, she also served as the department’s Deputy Director of Critical Support.

Ingersoll earned a Bachelor of Science in Management from Michigan State University (MSU) and a law degree from the MSU College of Law.                              

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