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Advisory Committee - Purpose and Duties

The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Inclusion Advisory Committee (EODIAC) was created by the director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The MDHHS director appoints its members to represent local offices, central office, and other special programs of the agency. Nominees may volunteer to become members of the committee or may be nominated by office of administration directors. Appointments are for two-year terms.

The purpose of the EODIAC is to review and monitor the department's progress toward the attainment of equal opportunity and diversity goals. The role of this committee is to advise the MDHHS director about barriers to equal opportunity within MDHHS. The committee then makes recommendations for improvement and advocates for implementation. The committee also will advise MDHHS on the development of goals and objectives for carrying out equal opportunity policies, including recommending actions to improve staff relations and eliminate barriers to equal opportunities.

The committee has two standing subcommittees, Equal Opportunity and Diversity. Each one works to identify and ameliorate barriers to flexibility within the department as they impact equal opportunity and diversity. This may be done through site visits or other appropriate methods. They provide on-going information to department employees on equal opportunity and diversity through various communication means (brochures, website and posters). They also analyze information and draft recommendations, which assist in the identification and/or development of barrier free avenues for education and development of staff.