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SDOH Month

Social Determinants of Health Month (SDOH) January 2024

Share Your SDOH Initiatives for SDOH Month

Governor Whitmer has proclaimed that January 2024 as Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Month in Michigan. MDHHS will bring together partners and communities across Michigan to observe SDOH Month. SDOH Month will serve as a time to recognize the importance of addressing social and economic factors like, housing, food, and transportation to improve health.

Throughout the month, MDHHS will host a series of events and highlight efforts around the state, commencing in the 2nd Annual SDOH Summit on January 23- 26. The live virtual session will take place January 23-25 with a half day in-person reception on January 26. During the Summit, we will launch Phase III of the MDHHS Social Determinants of Health Strategy, Michigan's Roadmap to Healthy CommunitiesClick here to register.  Registration closes on January 15, 2024.

Showcasing Your SDOH Initiatives:

We know that our partners are at the forefront of creating innovative and impactful initiatives that address social determinants of health. From programs that provide access to healthy food, to initiatives that promote education and job opportunities, we want to hear about your efforts that are making a tangible difference. 

How to Participate:

Participating in #MISDOHMonth2024 is simple: 

  • Share your SDOH initiative: Take to your organization's social media platforms to showcase your SDOH initiatives. Describe how your project is tackling one or more social determinants of health and improving the well-being of Michigan residents. 
  • Use the hashtag: Don't forget to include the hashtag #MISDOHMonth2024 in your posts. This will ensure that your initiatives are part of the larger movement to create healthier communities across our state. 

Why Participate:

By joining #MISDOHMonth2024, you're not only putting your organization's efforts in the spotlight but also contributing to a greater narrative of positive change. Sharing your initiatives can spark new ideas, collaborations, and conversations that drive forward the mission of the SDOH Strategy Michigan’s Roadmap to Healthy Communities

Throughout January, we will be actively monitoring the hashtag #MISDOHMonth2024 and showcasing select initiatives in our monthly newsletters and website. This is your chance to showcase your dedication to creating a healthier and more equitable Michigan. 

Click here for the official SDOH month proclamation. 

Consider sharing stories, infographics, reports, videos, and photos that highlight SDOH efforts.

 SDOH Month Highlights Efforts will be highlighted from various SDOH domains, including:

• Health Care
• Education
• Economic Stability
• Neighborhood and Built Environment (including Housing, Food, Transportation, etc.)
• Social and Community Context

Efforts from partners across a wide range of sectors, including:

• State agencies
• Regional collaboratives
• Community- based Organizations
• Philanthropic Organization

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to improving the lives of our fellow Michiganders. Together, we can create lasting impact and make strides toward a healthier future for all.