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Michigan Emergency Medical Services Information System (MI-EMSIS)


Statute that support collection of EMSIS:

Our Office of Legal Affairs developed the following document to provide clarification with respect to confidentiality/privacy issues as it pertains to the data collection/retention process:

Part 209 of P.A. 368 of 1978, as amended, Section 20910(1)(i) requires the Department to collect data to assess the need for and quality of emergency medical services throughout the state.


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What You Need to Do - Life Support Agencies

Michigan's EMS data repository is an all inclusive system.  ImageTrend Elite has been selected as Michigan's statewide data repository (this is where all data will be uploaded).  There are 430 demographic and EMS data elements in the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) Gold XML data file.  This represents all of the elements located in the NEMSIS Data Dictionary.  Anyone submitting data to ImageTrend Elite should do so by importing or sending the NEMSIS XML file.  This does not mean all 430 elements must be collected for every call or even at all.  It just means that any NEMSIS data elements collected shall be submitted to the repository.

To be compliant with MI-EMSIS, agencies must use a NEMSIS Gold Compliant system.  Agencies can choose to use ImageTrend Elite (which is free of charge to all agencies and medical control authorities). Image Trend Elite is a web-based system and requires an active internet connection.

EMS Run Report Validation: Instructions

"Where Is My Data?" Flowchart


Life Support Agencies & Software Vendors - Required Data Elements for Non-Suicidal, Non-Medicinal Chemical Poisonings & Traumatic Injuries

10-31-2019 MEMO: Report Element Requirements for EMS Patient Care Records in MI-EMSIS (Updated: 10/31/2019)

Reporting of Non-Suicidal, Non-Medicinal Chemical Poisonings (Updated: 10/31/2019)

Reporting of Traumatic Injuries (Updated: 10/31/2019)

Required Data Elements - Table (Updated: 10/31/2019)


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What You Need to Do - Medical Control Authorities

To assist in addressing the confidentiality/privacy issues that have been raised, the EMS and Trauma Systems Division is requiring that each MCA develop and submit a protocol, for approval, on how data will be used, maintained, and how the data will remain confidential.  The Department has developed a state protocol (Patient Care Record, Electronic Documentation, and EMS Information System) to fulfill this need and has added it to the "System Protocols" section of the State Protocols.  The MCA must adopt this protocol at a minimum.  If you choose to add additional language, a deviation form must be completed along with the protocol, for review and approval.

In order for the Medical Control Authority to have access to their agency's data, they must complete the following:

  • Submit, at a minimum, the state protocol for "Patient Care Record, Electronic Documentation, and EMS Information System";
  • Submit a signed Data Use and Non-Disclosure Agreement;
  • Submit a signed User Agreement for each individual who is given access to the Michigan EMS Information System  (MI-EMSIS)


Michigan Hospital Hub

Hospital Hub is a web-based application that allows facilities direct access to EMS run forms. Hospital Hub allows hospitals to view and download a PDF version of the EMS run form directly into the electronic health record for patients that arrive at the hospital's doors. Hospital Hub creates a more complete picture of the procedures, medications administered, vital signs, etc. recorded up to the point where the care of the patient is transferred to a staff member at their facility. The State of Michigan provides Hospital Hub free of charge.

  • PDF Hospital Hub Data Use Agreement -


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National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) - Request Research Data

The National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) is making available a public research dataset for 2018 that can be requested through their website. Michigan data is included in this limited dataset. For more information, please visit the NEMSIS Website.


Contact Information

Any questions regarding MI-EMSIS should be directed to :


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