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Quality Assurance Task Force

(1) This task force shall consist of nine (9) members appointed by the SEMSCC with the advice and consent of the Department every three years. The majority of the members shall be individuals who are not currently serving on the SEMSCC as required by Section 20916(1). The State Medical Director shall be a member of the committee. At least one member shall be a member of the SEMSCC. The task force must have, at a minimum, the following expertise:

(a) Two Physicians Certified in Emergency Medicine
(b) Pharmacist
(c) Two Paramedics        
(d) Emergency Medical Services Director

(2) Review and make recommendations to the department concerning the approval of Medical Control Authority applications, protocols, and revisions.

(3) Review and make recommendations to the Department concerning field studies.

(4) Conduct other quality assurance activities as requested by the director. The QATF will conduct Professional Standards Review Organization activities, as requested.

(a) All members will sign an annual confidentially nondisclosure agreement.

(5) Report its decisions, findings, and recommendations to the SEMSCC and the Department.

(6) Vacancies on the task force will be filled on an interim basis by the appointment by the Chairperson with advice and consent of the Department.

Staff Subject Matter Expert:  Krisy Kuhl

Member List  3.2022

Meeting Schedule


  • 1.27.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 2.24.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 3.24.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 4.28.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 5.26.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 6.23.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 7.28.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 8.25.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 9.22.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 10.27.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 11.20.2023  Agenda / Minutes
  • 12.18.2023  Agenda / Minutes