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MDHHS launches application tracker to allow Michiganders to easily monitor benefits status in MI Bridges

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is announcing the release of a new function to the MI Bridges website where Michiganders apply for benefits like Medicaid, food assistance and more. The new application tracker will allow residents to follow the progress of their benefits application online rather than waiting for a determination letter or having to call into a local office.

Similar to popular trackers used on restaurants and retail websites, residents will be able to log in through their phone or other device to see when their application is received, if an appointment has been scheduled, if additional documents are required and if a decision has been made. At each step, applicants will have quick links available to view more information on what is required for the application to move forward.

“This innovative tool will allow residents to know the exact status of their benefits application 24/7 and help them prepare for any next steps,” said Elizabeth Hertel, director. “In addition to helping Michiganders feel more involved and empowered in their application process, we are hopeful it will also result in lower call volumes to local offices and employee success.”

When an applicant logs into their MI Bridges account, the application tracker will be easily viewed on their client dashboard. For privacy and security, application and benefits information are only shown to residents who are identity-proofed and listed as head of household on the account.

The new benefit tracker will be available on MI Bridges starting today. There will be information prompts available to provide residents with more information about the tracking options available to them. Applicants can also receive assistance through the MI Bridges virtual assistant chat or by calling the MI Bridges help desk at 844-799-9876.


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