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Native American Outreach Services

A number of services are available through our Native American Outreach Services (NAOS) program to assist Native American children and families. We have staff in 13 counties that serve as a liaison between state and federal programs, the Indian community, Tribes and tribal organizations.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Providing culturally competent client information & referral services.
  • Assisting clients with Indian ancestry applications.
  • Assisting clients with navigating MDHHS services.
  • Helping tribal families attain transportation services.
  • Advocating for tribal families in court, medical, employment, and educational settings.
  • Assessing and enhancing parenting skills.
  • Assisting tribes, MDHHS staff and Placement Agency Foster Care with Indian child welfare case consults.

You must be of Native American descent to qualify for these services. If you are unsure of your tribal affiliation or degree of Indian heritage, an outreach worker can assist you with making this determination.

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Getting Started

For eligibility and to request assistance, contact an NAOS employee near you. Native Americans do not need to be eligible for financial assistance in order to receive Native American Outreach Services.