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Healthy Workplaces

two white unisex stick figures doing stretching exercises on blue background Workplace programs and policies that reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for employees are a win-win for both employees and employers.
Employers that institute these types of programs report that they are able to attract and retain top talent, lower health insurance premiums and worker's compensation claims, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. Workers that participate benefit from improved personal health and well-being and the prevention of disease, as do their families and communities.
The tools and resources on this page were chosen to help employers create and establish programs and policies that promote and protect health and prevent disease.
For more information about fostering a healthy workplace, contact Stephanie Levey at 517-335-9595 (e-mail:

    • Michigan Breastfeeding Network (MIBFN)
      Women are a huge part of today’s workforce, and working is an economic necessity for most mothers. When companies support breastfeeding, businesses gain a three-to-one return on investment in addition to greater employee retention, lower absenteeism, and a more creative and productive work environment. Please visit the Michigan Breastfeeding Network for resources to support breastfeeding in the workplace.
    • Healthy Meetings (MDHHS)
      The MDHHS Physical Activity and Nutrition Program has adopted 10 Steps to a Healthier Meeting guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is promoting it as a resource to encourage healthier lifestyles at work.
    • Healthy Michigan: Businesses & Health (MDHHS)
      Worksites are the best places to reach the majority of Michigan's adult citizens and encourage them to eat better, move more, and avoid using tobacco products. To remain competitive, Michigan employers may need to create worksite environments that are supportive of these goals. In recognition of the fact that this can be difficult, especially for small businesses, this Healthy Michigan web portal includes links to effective, low- or no-cost strategies that Michigan worksites can use to promote good health and support their employees' healthy lifestyle behaviors.
    • Designing Healthy Environments at Work (Michigan Healthy Communities Collaborative)
      This website, part of the MI Health Tools suite of websites, contains tools and resources to improve your worksite’s infrastructure to support health, physical activity, healthy eating, and tobacco-free lifestyles. The content will be of interest to all Michigan employers who are interested in improving the health of their workforce.
    • Workplace Health Promotion (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
      The CDC's Workplace Health Promotion website offers a range of information and resources for employers who want to promote good health and design, implement and evaluate effective workplace health programs. The site includes the Workplace Health Resource Center, which offers searchable, research-based tools and resources to help employers develop or expand a workplace health promotion program that supports their employees’ physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being.

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