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Michigan Diabetes Statistics and Reports

A number of data sources are available to and through the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program about: 2019 BRFS annual report cover

  • Diabetes burden
  • Diabetes-related indicators
  • Complications
  • Mortality

These sources include:

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Michigan Diabetes Reports

Diabetes Data Library

Tables are presented in diabetes prevalence and incidence among Michigan adults and children, as well as prediabetes among adults. In addition, the Library provides data about diabetes-related risk factors, preventive care practices, diabetes-related complications, hospitalization data, mortality, and cost data.

Michigan Diabetes Related Medicaid Data

Michigan's Medicaid programs are funded by state and federal dollars and serve socio-economically vulnerable children and adults. Analysis of paid Medicaid claims, encounter, and prescription data provide a unique and powerful perspective on key components of health care.

Previously, MDHHS has utilized analysis of Medicaid data to address health care utilization of children with asthma and the disabled population served by Michigan Medicaid programs.

Diabetes burden and indicators are presented as briefs, presentations, and downloadable tables, charts, and maps.

Briefs and Reports
Diabetes in Pregnancy Michigan Medicaid - 2016 to 2019, Part 1 (pdf)

Diabetes in Pregnancy Michigan Medicaid - 2016 to 2019, Part 2 (pdf)

Diabetes in Pregnancy Michigan Medicaid - 2016 to 2019, Part 3 (pdf)

Diabetes-Michigan Medicaid Summary - 2012 to 2016 (pdf)

Diabetes-Health Care Utilization By Michigan Medicaid Beneficiaries - 2007 to 2012 (pdf)

Diabetes and Influenza Vaccination - Michigan Medicaid - 2015 (pdf)

Smart Charts
The Diabetes During Pregnancy Smart Chart (in the form of tables and graphs) contains information about the impact of diabetes, diabetes-related complications, and comorbidities during the delivery event of females 15-44 years enrolled in Michigan Medicaid programs. Diabetes in pregnancy was defined as pre-existing diabetes or gestational diabetes. The indicator tables and charts are specific to time of delivery, and only live births were considered.

This information is a supplement to the Michigan Diabetes In Pregnancy Fact Sheet 2014 and is meant to help better understand the health and experiences of Michigan women whose delivery was covered by Medicaid, but it should not be used to describe all Michigan mothers.

The tables and graphs in this workbook are 'queriable', meaning you can customize them to see results for the available indicators by diabetes status by race, ethnicity, and age group for the state of Michigan. Each worksheet has notes designed to assist in generating customized tables and graphs.