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Resources for the Public

If you have hepatitis C, talk to your health care provider about getting cured. Treatment with MAVYRET® is available to all Medicaid ($1 copay) and Healthy Michigan Plan (no copay) beneficiaries at little to no cost. Other direct-acting antivirals ($3 copay) will require prior authorization and will be approved only when MAVYRET® is not clinically appropriate. 

You can help Michigan eliminate hep C. Find out how:

Learn about hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Information for the Public

Hepatitis C Patient Brochure 

Get Tested- Getting tested is the only way to know if you have hepatitis C. Learn more about hepatitis C testing

Health Insurance- If you do not currently have healthcare coverage, you may be eligible for coverage through Medicaid. Please complete an online application.

Help-4-Hep- Toll-free, confidential, peer-to-peer hepatitis C support line that provides information and resources where you live (877) 435-7443 (Monday-Friday 9am-9pm ET)

Doctor Discussion Guide- Talking to a healthcare professional about hepatitis C 

MAVYRET® Copay Card 

How to Take MAVYRET®

MAVYRET® Nurse Ambassador Program Can help you every step of the way during treatment from learning about hepatitis C, to answering questions you may have before starting treatment, and supporting you in your journey post-treatment.

MAVYRET® Digital Patient Starter Brochure - "Now It's Your Turn to Crush Hep C" - Provides an overview of treatment duration, simple steps for taking Mavyret®, answers common questions, provides information on insurance/treatment coverage, and includes patient testimonials.  

Spanish Hepatitis C Downloadable Resources 

Hepatitis C - General Information Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Hepatitis C Testing - What to Expect When Getting Tested Fact Sheet (Spanish) 

Hepatitis C and Injection Drug Use Fact Sheet (Spanish)

We Treat Hepatitis C: Patient Fact Sheet - patient fact sheet summarizing hepatitis C, the We Treat Hep C Initiative, CDC hepatitis C testing recommendations, hepatitis C treatment, and resources for the public