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Disease Intervention Specialists are Here to Help

Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) are key public health professionals that work tirelessly to stop the spread of several infections that threaten communities throughout Michigan.

DIS wear many hats in the public health system and take on many roles to protect people from infectious diseases and other emergency situations. They specialize in STI prevention, tuberculosis outbreak response, and HIV exposure notification. Most recently, they were called upon to use their community outreach and counseling skills to help with a significant Hepatitis A outbreak in our state.

They are experts in communication, interviewing, counseling, case analysis, and provider engagement, as well as in community outreach and education. DIS are a bridge between public health and the community. They are here to help in a professional and caring manner.

If you would like more information about Disease Intervention Specialists and the work that they do, contact your local health department or visit the special DIS page on the National Coalition of STD Directors website.