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HIV in Michigan

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Currently, 1.2 million Americans are living with HIV. In Michigan, it is estimated that 1 in 8 people are unaware of their HIV status.

Early detection, intervention, and treatment can reduce the risk of transmission by 93%

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  • Taking the right preventative measures is important when reducing the spread of HIV

    • For people who are at a higher risk of being exposed to HIV, PrEP, also called pre-exposure prophylaxis is an extremely effective prevention tool. PrEP is a pill taken once a day that reduces the risk of getting HIV if a person is exposed to the virus. When taken as prescribed, PrEP can reduce the risk of getting HIV through sex by about 99%. PrEP can also reduce the risk of getting HIV by more than 70% for people who inject drugs. If you think PrEP is the right prevention method for you, speak with your healthcare provider or contact a testing location near you.
    • MDHHS encourages everyone to practice safer sex by using condoms. When used the right way, condoms are highly effective at preventing HIV, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and pregnancy.


    • Treatment for HIV involves taking medication that can reduce the amount of virus in the body. There is no cure for HIV, but with advancements in treatment, people living with HIV can experience little illness and can continue living a normal life. Taking a daily antiretroviral medication and reducing the amount of virus in the body can allow a person living with HIV to have a normal life that includes starting a family.
    • Undetectable = Untransmittable, or U=U is a method of preventing transmission of HIV. People living with HIV can take medication to reduce the amount of virus in their body. HIV medication can reduce the amount of virus in the body so much that it is considered undetectable and HIV can no longer be transmitted through sex or childbirth. People living with HIV who take their medication as prescribed, and achieve an undetectable status, cannot transmit the virus. HIV has no cure and a person living with HIV must continue to take their HIV medication as prescribed to stay undetectable. U=U opens social, sexual, and reproductive choices to people living with HIV that many never thought would be possible.
    • If you are a person living with HIV and need treatment, contact your healthcare provider, or use the testing locator to find an HIV testing location near you.


    • What is HIV? HIV is the virus that causes an HIV infection
    • AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection
    • There is no cure for HIV but there are highly effective treatments available that allow people living with HIV to continue living a normal life
    • HIV is spread from person to person through certain body fluids only:
      • Blood
      • Semen and Pre-seminal fluid
      • Vaginal fluids
      • Rectal fluids
      • Breast Milk
    • In the United States, HIV is spread mainly by:
      • Anal or vaginal sex with someone who has HIV
      • Sharing injection drug equipment such as needles with someone who has HIV
    • HIV is NOT spread through:
      • Kissing
      • Hugging
      • Shaking hands
      • Toilet seats
      • Sharing dishes

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