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Insurance Assistance Program (IAP)

Insurance Assistance Program (IAP)

The Insurance Assistance Program (IAP) helps people with HIV maintain and continue their health insurance benefits while they are facing financial difficulty due to their specific illness. The IAP pays health insurance premiums for eligible individuals.

To qualify for MIDAP insurance assistance, you must have private health insurance. All medical services other than emergencies must be provided in Michigan.

You also:

  • must be HIV-positive and meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • you currently are too ill to work in your current job, or
    • there is a substantial likelihood you will become too ill to work within the next three months (as verified by a physician or nurse practitioner), or
    • you currently are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI);
  • must be a Michigan resident;
  • must have a gross monthly income that is less than, or equal to, 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level;*
  • must not have more than $10,000 in cash/liquid assets and provide proof of assets;
  • must not be eligible for any employer-sponsored health insurance, other than your current policy;
  • may be eligible and/or receiving Medicaid and/or Medicare; and
  • may be eligible if you have a Medicare Part D or Medigap policy.
Please Note: If approved for the IAP, you will be required to submit updated income, asset, and insurance information annually (sooner if a change occurs).

*Your income will be evaluated based upon Federal Poverty Guidelines in effect when MIDAP receives your completed application. Income includes earned income and/or unearned income (e.g., employment income, self-employment income, SSI). To find out how your income compares with the Federal Poverty Level, please use the Federal Poverty Level Calculator

IAP Forms and Instructions