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Michigan HIV/AIDS Council (MHAC)

The mission of the Michigan HIV/AIDS Council (MHAC) is to represent the diversity of those affected by HIV/AIDS in Michigan, maintain collaboration and coordination among prevention and care issues, and develop and sustain a statewide comprehensive plan(s) for HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

The council has both voting and advisory members. Voting members include: people with HIV/AIDS; AIDS service organizations, community-based organizations, and non-governmental organizations; local public health agencies; and community members.

MHAC members meet five times a year in the Lansing and Metro Detroit areas. Members are expected to attend these meetings and participate on MHAC committees and workgroups. Meals are provided, and mileage reimbursement is available to members upon request.

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  • MHAC Meeting Calendar

    Please Note: Meetings take place in Lansing or Metro Detroit; mileage reimbursement is available. Meeting minutes are available upon request from

  • MHAC has four Community Co-Chairs who provide leadership to the full council by taking primary responsibility for council processes and ensuring council goals are met.

    Each Community Co-Chair serves a three-year term, including: Year One (1) as Community Co-Chair Elect; Year Two (2) as active Community Co-Chair; and Year Three (3) as Immediate Past Community Co-Chair.

    2024 MHAC Community Chairs
    Current Community Co-Chairs: Ari HamptonNaomi HugginsLon'Dyn HudsonThomas Johnstone

  • Executive Committee
    The MHAC Executive Committee consists of the elected Community Co-Chairs, the Community Planner, and the Chairs and Co-Chairs of all other standing committees that serve as members of the Council. The Executive Committee acts for the Council, making interim decisions such as setting the meeting agendas, recommending action items, and all other necessary and timely actions for the Council.

    Membership Committee
    In conjunction with MDHHS Bureau of HIV and STI Programs staff, the Membership Committee establishes and maintains an open member recruitment, application, and selection process consistent with federal and state guidance. The committee submits recommendations to the Council for new members, as well as for policies and procedures regarding membership attendance, removal procedures, and criteria for membership. It also develops and maintains an orientation process for new members.

    Community Engagement Committee
    The Community Engagement Committee identifies and recruits key stakeholders and gathers input from key stakeholders about the impact of HIV. It also identifies and advocates for culturally competent prevention and care.

    Policy and Advocacy Committee
    The Policy and Advocacy Committee reviews current laws and originates new policy initiatives in accordance with HIV care services and prevention interests. It also provides education and access to public policy arenas for various stakeholders and recommends policy positions that address discrimination and stigma.

    Capacity Building Committee
    The Capacity Building Committee recommends and/or develops varied trainings for the MHAC Full Body. They assist in the on-boarding of new members of MHAC and function as the Material Review Panel for MDHHS and overseeing any other documents.

  • The Council is seeking individuals who represent the diversity of those impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Michigan and who have experience and expertise necessary to achieve the mission of the Council.

    Who are we looking for?

    • people living with HIV/AIDS;
    • representatives of AIDS service organizations and community-based organizations
    • representatives of local public health agencies; and
    • other engaged community members.

    To serve as an MHAC member, you must be:

    • interested in community-based planning;
    • willing and able to participate fully in the activities of the Council;
    • willing to communicate regularly with the general public about Council activities; and
    • willing to uphold the core values of the MHAC mission.

    MHAC membership is a volunteer position. Members serve three-year terms and are expected to commit an average of 20 hours every three months to fulfill their obligation to the Council. More details are included in the MHAC membership application.

    Open the online MHAC membership application.

  • MHAC is coordinated and staffed by employees of the MDHHS Bureau of HIV and STI Programs. For general information about the MHAC and its work, please contact

    In addition, the following Bureau staff also work directly with the Council and are able to answer questions you may have.

    Community Planner: Kyra Sanders