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Michigan Integrated Data Application for STI and HIV (MIDASH)

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Department of Health and Human Services

Michigan Integrated Data Application for STI and HIV (MIDASH)

The Bureau of HIV and STI Programs (BHSP) is currently working on an IT project to develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated HIV and STI surveillance, prevention, and care web based data system. Michigan Integrated Data Application for STI and HIV (MIDASH) will be an essential tool in furthering the work BHSP does to prevent new infections, improve health outcomes for people with HIV (including achieving and sustaining viral suppression to implementing treatment as prevention), and reduce related health disparities. MIDASH will be developed in accordance with national prevention goals, HIV continuum of care, and CDC's High Impact Prevention (HIP) approach by using quality, timely, and complete surveillance and program data to guide coordinated HIV prevention efforts.


What Is Being Integrated?

Currently there are six different systems that are used to collect and share information about people who have been diagnosed with and are living with HIV and/or STIs. These systems are eHARS, HIVLMS, CAREWare, Aphirm, MDSS, and MIDAP. When complete, the new MIDASH system will combine the functionality of all six systems into a single web based data system so that duplicate entry of information is no longer needed and everything is located in one place.

Why Are We Doing This?

It is inefficient and time consuming to work with six different systems. Having all HIV and STI data in one place will significantly improve the work that we do.

When Will This Happen?

Activity for the MIDASH project began in July 2023, and we anticipate project completion in fall 2025. We will work closely with all of those who will be impacted to make sure we are ready and prepared to make the switch when the time comes. Our highest priority during this process is to not disrupt services to the people we serve.

Getting Involved:

Developing the web based data system will be an inclusive effort and we will need the input of everyone who is impacted. In the coming months we will have more information about how to get involved in the project.

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