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Michigan HIV Laws: How They Affect Physicians, Local Health Departments, Community Based Organizations, and Other Health Care Entities and Providers (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, 2023)
Since 1986, the Michigan Legislature has passed a number of statutes regarding human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS), hepatitis, and other infectious agents. These statutes relate to testing, informed consent, contact notification, and confidentiality, and impose duties on health care professionals providing testing, treatment, and care to people who are, or may be, living with HIV. The content and nuances of these laws are described in this document, along with specific citations referencing Michigan’s Public Health Code.

Michigan HIV and STI Law Updates FAQ (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, 2019)
This is a summary document to assist in understanding the updates to the HIV and STI laws that occurred in December 2018, and the way they may influence the testing and treating HIV and other STIs.