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STI/HIV Operations and Resource System (SHOARS)

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Department of Health and Human Services

STI/HIV Operations and Resource System (SHOARS)

The STI/HIV Operations and Resource System (SHOARS) is a new customer relationship management system that can be accessed via MILogin. SHOARS allows the Division of HIV and STI Programs (DHSP) Partners to engage with the diverse resources of DHSP. In SHOARS, users are able to create a profile and centralize interactions with DHSP. SHOARS improves the relationship between DHSP and DHSP Partners to efficiently provide services for Michiganders who are at risk and/or living with HIV and STIs.

Advantages of SHOARS

Welcome to SHOARS!

How to Access SHOARS

SHOARS is accessed through the MILogin portal. There are two MILogin portals - MILogin for Third Party for users without a State of Michigan email address and MILogin for Workers for users with a State of Michigan email address. The links below will take you to the appropriate MILogin portal to access SHOARS.

If you are a new user of SHOARS, view the registration guide first for detailed instructions on accessing and creating a SHOARS account.

SHOARS users without a State of Michigan email address: 

SHOARS Registration Guide - Non-State of Michigan Email Address

MILogin for Third Party

SHOARS users with a State of Michigan email address: 

SHOARS Registration Guide - State of Michigan Email Address

MILogin for Workers


  • Division of HIV and STI Programs (DHSP) Partner Registration Guide

    The DHSP Partner Registration Guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to access SHOARS and create an account.

  • SHOARS Navigation for Division of HIV and STI Programs (DHSP) Partners

    SHOARS Navigation for DHSP Partners is a comprehensive SHOARS training that covers what SHOARS is, how to access SHOARS, and the various functions that are available within SHOARS.


    Recorded SHOARS Navigation for DHSP Partners (November, 2021)


    SHOARS Funded Agency Training

    The SHOARS Funded Agency Training is for all grant-funded agencies regarding the grant amendment process in SHOARS. This training was held on August 3, 2022.


  • New HIV/STI System Users: The HIV/STI Systems in the table below require authorization prior to accessing the system. If you need access to any of these systems, submit an access request within SHOARS. Approval will be determined by the assigned SHOARS access staff and management groups.

    Please Note: Requesting authorization to an HIV/STI system (Aphirm, CAREWare, DCH File Transfer, EGrAMS, LMS, MDSS, MIDAP Online) in SHOARS is for tracking purposes only and is not how you will access these systems. SHOARS tracks users who are authorized to access these systems to improve our processes and further protect client data.

    Existing HIV/STI System Users: Once you have created a SHOARS account, Division of HIV and STI Programs (DHSP) staff will manually enter your authorization for any HIV/STI systems you currently access (see examples in table below). You may receive emails from SHOARS indicating our team is requesting access to these systems on your behalf. No action is required on your end and your access to these systems will not be affected. Please periodically review your profile in SHOARS to confirm it accurately displays what HIV/STI systems you currently access.

    If there are any questions or concerns regarding this process, contact us at:

    System Description
    Aphirm Aphirm is an online direct entry database designed to meet all the requirements for managing and reporting 1802 HIV testing and partner services data and reporting CDC-required National HIV Prevention Program Monitoring & Evaluation (NHM&E) required variables.
    CAREWare CAREWare (CW) is for managing and monitoring HIV clinical and supportive care and will quickly produce a completed Ryan White (RW) HIV/AIDS Program Annual Data Report for reporting requirements.
    DCH File Transfer The File Transfer application offers the ability to share files and collaborate with other while keeping those files secure and easily tracked. DHSP staff will use DCH File Transfer application to share PHI with approved staff and approved agencies when needed.
    EGrAMS EGrAMS is a web based, end-to-end solution supporting the entire grant life cycle process. EGrAMS offers a streamlined solution to configure, find, apply and manage your grant application process quickly, efficiently and accurately. EGrAMS supports configuration of grant application packages, online grant application entry, application review, and submission of periodic progress reports.
    LMS Lab Management System (LMS) is a central repository for all HIV related Labs. Any laboratory or facility performing an HIV test is required by law to report positive initial tests and all subsequent tests (regardless of the result) to the MDHHS. Negative initial tests are also collected when available. Labs are reported electronically by the DCH File Transfer, HL7 messages via Rhapsody, entered into MDSS, faxed, mailed or called in. All incoming labs are matched to the enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting System (eHARS - CDC - HIV Registry).
    MDSS Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS) is a web-based communicable disease reporting system. MDSS facilitates coordination among local, state, and Federal Public Agencies and provides for the secure transfer, maintenance, and analysis of communicable disease surveillance information.
    MIDAP Online Michigan Drug Assistance Program (MIDAP) is a safety net program serving Michigan residents who are income eligible and are not Medicaid beneficiaries. Resident applications must be interfaced with the SGRX database in a timely manner to assure critical drugs and medicines are made available when and as prescribed.
  • SHOARS Frequently Asked Questions

    SHOARS Frequently Asked Questions can also be found in SHOARS under the FAQs tab.

Questions or Need Additional Support?

For questions about SHOARS, contact us at: