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Physician Consulting

Tuberculosis Clinical Consultation Program

Are you a healthcare provider with clinical questions about a suspected or confirmed patient with TB? Experienced clinicians in tuberculosis are available to answer questions about difficult cases including multidrug-resistant and pediatric TB, TB and HIV/AIDS co-infection, and other cases with challenging medical and public health management issues. To submit a clinical consultation request, please fill out this online form

This information is offered as clinical decision-making support, is advisory in nature, and is not intended to replace local healthcare decision-making or provision. No representation of, or endorsement by the State of Michigan, the Department of Health and Human Services, or the TB Program, is implied. Final clinical decisions are the sole responsibility of the healthcare provider and the medical director of the applicable local public health jurisdiction in the State of Michigan.


*Please note, consultation requests are reviewed and processed several times daily, Monday through Friday, 8-5 pm. We do not process consultation requests after hours, on weekends, or on State holidays. A list of State holidays can be found here. Thank you.