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Incentives & Enablers

Incentives and enablers can be used by local health departments to help overcome case management barriers while treating for and finding TB. If you have any questions about how incentives and enablers are used in Michigan for TB control, please contact the TB Public Health Consultant.

To Request Incentives & Enablers

  1. Complete Sections I-II and email to the MDHHS TB Public Health Consultant
  2. MDHHS will complete Section III and return the form.
  3. Section III approval is confirmation that purchase(s) for reimbursement may be made within a reasonable range of the requested amount.
  4. After purchase, complete Section IV and email to the TB Public Health Consultant with attached proof of purchase for reimbursement.


In fiscal year 2020 MDHHS used incentive and enabler funds to assist 48 people with active TB disease and 65 people with LTBI


For More Information about Incentives & Enablers

  • Incentives & Enablers Guidelines for Local Health Departments: The TB Control Unit within MDHHS can offer incentives and enablers to local health departments who are looking for and treating TB disease and LTBI. The document reviews eligibility for incentives and enablers, how to request them, and how to write your own guidelines for incentive and enabler use.
  • Incentives & Enablers Resource Sheet: Developed by MDHHS in 2017, this resource sheet defines incentives and enablers and how they are used in TB management. This sheet also gives specific examples of incentives and enablers.

From October 2019 to September 2020, 49 requests were placed from 14 different Michigan health departments, spending $35,000, and helping 113 Michiganders.