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Reporting Requirements

MDSS (Michigan Disease Surveillance System) TB Reporting & Data Entry


Tuberculosis is a reportable disease, and physicians must report cases of TB within 24 hours of diagnosis or discovery to their local health department.

The following is from the MDHHS Brick Book and Michigan’s Communicable Disease Rules

  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex reporting and culture submission: A laboratory that receives a specimen from an individual that results in a laboratory report of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex or yields a preliminary result* indicative of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex is responsible for ensuring submission of the following: 
    • To the appropriate local health department – Report all preliminary results and any interpretation of those results
    • To the MDHHS Laboratory – The first Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolate, or a subculture thereof, from the patient being tested for tuberculosis
    • To the MDHHS Laboratory - Any Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolate or subculture thereof, from a follow-up specimen collected 90 days or more after the collection of the first Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex positive specimen. It is the responsibility of a clinical laboratory that receives a specimen found positive for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex to ensure that the first available Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolate, whether cultured at the clinical laboratory or at a referral laboratory, is submitted to the Mycobacteriology Laboratory Unit at MDHHS, as soon as possible. 

* Note: For the purpose of this rule, "preliminary result" includes, but is not limited to, results from nucleic acid amplification tests, nucleic acid or other genetic probe tests, chromatographic or other such tests that may be performed prior to final culture identification of a clinical specimen. 


  • Submission of Tuberculosis Laboratory Specimens: The clinical laboratory that initially receives any clinical specimen which yields Mycobacterium tuberculosis is responsible for ensuring that the following are submitted to the department:
    • The first Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolate, or subculture thereof, from an individual with tuberculosis
    • Any Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolate, or subculture thereof, from a follow-up specimen, collected 90 days or more after the collection of the first Mycobacterium tuberculosis positive specimen.

For more information about reporting requirements for other communicable diseases in Michigan, please see this list of reportable diseases, or the Communicable Disease Information & Resources page.