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Community Awareness

This page is intended to raise the community awareness of stroke signs and symptoms and the importance of calling 9-1-1 at the first signs of stroke.

It also provides resources such as stroke support groups in Michigan, information about a free magazine for stroke survivors and their families, a MiSP initiative to promote stroke awareness, and coronavirus (COVID-19) resources.

To learn more about any of the topics on this page, please contact the Michigan Stroke Program team at

Community Support Groups

Directory of Stroke Support Groups in Michigan: Recovering from a stroke is difficult, and it can take time - sometimes weeks, months, or even years. The recovery process is different for everyone, and it can be a difficult time for stroke survivors and their caregivers. Stroke support groups can help make the process easier by providing a safe place to talk about your victories and your challenges with people who understand.

Community Stroke Awareness

Stroke Connection, a Free Magazine for Stroke Survivors and Their Families
Are you a stroke survivor? Is a family member or friend? If you answered, "Yes" to either of those questions, you may be interested in Stroke Connection e-news, a free, monthly digital publication from the American Stroke Association written for stroke survivors, their families, and other advocates.

Learn more about Stroke Connection and sign up for a free subscription at

Join Us in Promoting Stroke Awareness Throughout Michigan
The MiSP Community Awareness Initiative was adopted from the work done by St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor and St. Joseph Mercy Livingston hospitals to promote a uniform stroke awareness message. The colors blue and silver, as well as the F.A.S.T. message, were selected to brand materials as being associated with stroke awareness. The color blue recognizes acute stroke victims, and the color silver represents the more than seven million stroke survivors.

To date, community awareness materials created for the initiative include a fact sheet (Recognizing Stroke in Michigan),PDF icon  a stroke awareness pin and t-shirt, and a seven-day pill organizer. Other states funded by the CDC Coverdell grant have agreed to utilize some of these materials to expand the reach of this initiative.

We invite you to become an ambassador for change in your community and support our efforts to recognize stroke as its own disease. Please wear these emblems and ribbons proudly to help raise stroke awareness. For more information, please contact the MiSP team at

Front of blue stroke t-shirt w FAST wording
T-shirt (front)

Back of blue stroke t-shirt w FAST wording and images
T-shirt (back)

Blue looped stroke observation ribbon with brain pin inserted in middle
Stroke pin on ribbon

Blue seven-day pill organizer with MOSAIC logo
7-day pill organizer

MiSP participating hospitals are helping spread the word about the initiative by distributing the promotional materials to staff, local stroke survivors, and community members via mail and during special events and recruitment and site visits.

Here's an excerpt from an email sent by the stroke coordinator for Henry Ford Hospital following successful use of the new materials during a recent World Stroke Day event:

"Thanks again for dropping off the t-shirts and pins! They were a big hit. We went through all our t-shirts, which were earned by completing one of the Mad Libs with a FAST message embedded that the American Stroke Association created for World Stroke Day. We educated over 100 people in 2.5 hours, relaying the importance of recognizing stroke signs/symptoms and getting emergency assistance, and we heard some incredible stories from stroke survivors and family members. A good day overall!"

Another Detroit hospital distributed stroke awareness pins and t-shirts during an emergency medical services (EMS) appreciation event. The following is from the thank you message we received from the hospital's stroke coordinator after the event:

"Thanks again for dropping off the t-shirts and brain pins! We had about 30 EMTs stop in for our appreciation event yesterday, and they LOVED the shirts and pins - even more than I anticipated they would! We were also able to educate them on our extended time windows for stroke treatment, the importance of 'time = brain' and the difference between 'time symptoms started' and 'time last known well.' We had some great conversations!"

For more information about the MiSP Community Awareness Initiative and how you can order stroke awareness pins, t-shirts, pill organizers, and other materials, contact the MiSP team at

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