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Chronic Disease Epidemiology

The MDHHS Chronic Disease Epidemiology Section is housed within the MDHHS Lifecourse Epidemiology and Genomics Division. The section provides an epidemiologic understanding of prevention, management and control of chronic diseases in Michigan, and supports the surveillance, planning, targeting, and evaluation needs of a variety of departmental programs.

Chronic Disease Epidemiology Section staff members are active in a number of key focus areas (see below) and produce a wide range of surveillance and epidemiologic products.

Our Mission and Vision Guide Our Work

  • Mission: The Chronic Disease Epidemiology Section provides surveillance data to guide evidence-based public health programs and policies to reduce disparities and improve health outcomes in Michigan. The section develops diverse partnerships to raise community awareness and educate stakeholders and the public.
  • Vision: Through epidemiologic methods with a focus on surveillance, evaluation, and quality improvement of care support, we will reduce health disparities and improve health behaviors and outcomes for all Michigan residents.

To learn more about our work and access the most current surveillance data and epidemiologic findings for a specific topic, please click on an image or title below.