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Contact Information for Lifecourse Epidemiology & Genomics Division Staff


Mary Kleyn, MS, Division Director

Vacant, Division Secretary

Jasmine Hall, MS, Health Disparities Epidemiologist Coordinator

William Marshall, BS, MPH, Health Disparities Epidemiologist

Yan Tian, MPH, BRFSS Coordinator/Epidemiologist


Chronic Disease Epidemiology Section

Beth Anderson, MPH, Manager

Justin Allen, BA, EMT-P, EMS Stroke Quality Improvement Coordinator

Olivia Barth, MPH, Chronic Disease Informatics Epidemiologist

Michelle Byrd, PhD, MPH, Cardiovascular Health and Obesity Epidemiologist

Jie Chen, MPH, Diabetes and MiCelerity Epidemiologist

Carol Genee, Web Designer

Jalisa Hernandez, Program Assistant, Chronic Disease Epidemiology & Maternal Child Health Epidemiology 

Ghada Ibrahim, MS, Stroke Data Analyst

Kayla Jones, MPH, CSTE Informatics Fellow

Jennie Lekich, MSA, Chronicle and MiCelerity Informaticist  

Adrienne Nickles, MPH, Stroke Epidemiologist

Lauren Spadafora, PhD, Cancer Epidemiologist

Alaina White, MPH, Oral Health & Asthma Epidemiologist


Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Section

Chris Fussman, MS, Manager

Haifa Haroon, MPH, Infant Health Epidemiologist

Heidi Neumayer, MPH, Preventable Mortality Epidemiologist

Lindsay Townes, MPH, Adolescent School Health Epidemiologist

Isabel Hurden, MPH, Newborn Screening Epidemiologist

Kenneth Hanson, MS, Birth Defects and Family Planning Epidemiologist

Carlotta Allievi, MPH, Home Visiting/ECHO Epidemiologist

Amy Rakowski, MS, Pediatric Genomics and EHDI Epidemiologist

Kim Hekman, MPH, Adverse Childhood Experiences Epidemiologist 

Pete Haak, BS, PRAMS Data Analyst

Jill Hardy, BA, PRAMS Operations Coordinator

Kendra Smith, PRAMS Interviewer and Mail Operations Assistant

Heather Patler-Holguin, PRAMS Interviewer and Operations Assistant

Elizabeth Kish, PRAMS Interviewer and Operations Assistant

Aurora Lemieux-Mckissic, PRAMS Interviewer and Operations Assistant

Michrisha Eddins, PRAMS Interviewer

D'Shanna Watson, PRAMS Interviewer

Melissa Limon-Flegler, MSW, MMMS Program Coordinator

Alexandra Gold, MPH, MMMS Public Health Consultant

Laine Putans, MSW, MMMS Program Administrative Assistant

 Jalisa Hernandez, Program Assistant, Chronic Disease Epidemiology & Maternal Child Health Epidemiology


Public Health Genomics Section

Dominic Smith, MSA, Manager

Sarah Razak, MBA, Financial Specialist

Kristina Ottenwess, MPH, Birth Defects Program Coordinator

Kristy Karasinski, MPH, NBS Follow-up Consultant

Kerri-Lynn Lockwood, MS, CGC, NBS Genetics Specialist

Courtney Miller, BS, Birth Defects Program Assistant

Maricar Macalincag, MSc, Adult Genomics Program Coordinator

Mary Robinson, RN, BSN, Special Projects Coordinator

Teresa Christner, MA, Public Health Advisor

Michele Fritz, MS, BSc, LVT, Genomics & NBS Research Coordinator

Vacant, LEGD Health Educator

Eleanor Surtman, Program Assistant, PHG & NBS Programs


Newborn Screening Section

Shelby Heppe, MPH, Manager

Becky Shaulis, MS, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Valerie Ewald, NBSO Administrator and Technical Assistant

Carolyn Smith, Departmental Technician

Kristen Thompson, MPH, Coordinator

Angela Aldrich, MSN, RN, Nurse Consultant

Lacey McKay, CMA, BS, Operations Coordinator

Kayla Dixon, MPH, Propel Project Coordinator

Alayna Bunker, Departmental Technician 

Staci Trevino, Departmental Technician

Eleanor Surtman, Program Assistant, PHG & NBS Programs

Please Note: Italic text indicates contract employee 

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