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NHSN - Acute Care Facilities

NHSN Bi - Monthly User Calls

February 2023
October 26, 2022

August 24, 2022 - Presentation

June 29, 2022 - Presentation

April 27, 2022 - Presentation

February 23, 2022 - Presentation

October 27, 2021 - Presentation

August 25, 2021 - Presentation

NHSN Training

Multiple webcast lectures are available online for those who need to fulfill the training requirements of the NHSN, or for those who need a refresher on a particular topic. Training is also available on the various modules of the NHSN.
NHSN Educational Roadmaps

Resources for Users New to NHSN

NHSN Training Videos | Continuing Education | NHSN | CDC

Presentations from the annual NHSN live training hosted at CDC are recorded and posted as archived videos. You can view presentation on how to identify, report, and analyze VAE, PedVAE, CAUTI, CLABSI, Secondary Bloodstream Infection (BSI) and Site-Specific Infections, SSI, MRSA Bacteremia and C. difficile LabID events, as well as presentations on validation of healthcare-associated infection data and data quality, reporting and analysis of antibiotic use and resistance data, the Outpatient Procedure Component (OPC), and information on the upcoming NHSN Neonatal Component. 

Reporting Requirements

NHSN Presentations

HAIs and COVID-10 Presentation

Fall 2019 MSIPC Presentation

Spring 2019 MSICP Presentation