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Below you will find links to listings of commonly used infection prevention resources.

SHARP Conference Presentations

SHARP Symposium Presentations

CRE Conference Presentation (2012 to 2019)

AMR Summit Presentations

Biosafety and Health Care Preparedness Conference

SHARP - MDHHS Brochures

HAI Common Acronyms and Phrases Quick Reference

CRE general brochure (PDF)

CRE Patient and Family brochure (PDF)

Order FREE brochures (see communicable diseases section)



C. auris, CRAB, CRE


Information for You and Your Family


Information for Healthcare Professionals

CDC Stacks is a free digital repository of publications produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC Stacks is composed of curated collections of peer reviewed articles, CDC guidelines and recommendations as well as other publications on a broad range of public health topics.


CP-CRE Reporting (State Required)

CP-CRE Reporting Webinar Slides (PDF) includes CP-CRE reporting tips and FAQs. (posted 10/11/18)

CP-CRE Reporting Tips (posted 8/8/18)

Interim CP-CRE Case Investigation Guidance for Local Health Departments and Infection Prevention

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