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SHARP Unit About Us

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The Surveillance for Healthcare-Associated & Resistant Pathogens (SHARP) Unit was officially formed in February of 2009 within the Healthcare-Associated Infections, Viral Hepatitis and Tuberculosis Section of the Communicable Disease Division, Bureau of Epidemiology and Population Health. 

SHARP Unit Mission Statement 

The SHARP Unit's mission is to coordinate activities related to HAI surveillance and prevention in Michigan, improve surveillance and detection of antimicrobial-resistant and healthcare-associated infections, identify and respond to disease outbreaks, use collected data to monitor trends, and educate healthcare providers and the general public. 

Communicable Disease Division Mission Statement

The mission of the Communicable Disease Division is to ensure the health and well being of Michigan residents by using education, technology and the epidemiological process, in collaboration with local, state, federal and international partners, to promote data driven decisions, and to detect and prevent communicable diseases.