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Doula Advisory Council

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Doula Advisory Council

The Michigan Doula Advisory Council 

The Michigan Doula Advisory Council works to inform the advancement of doula services in Michigan as a result of the Medicaid doula reimbursement policy. The Michigan Doula Advisory Council includes representation from doulas across the state of Michigan. The diverse Council membership represents, to the extent possible, the various communities and settings in which doula services are provided.

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The goals/objectives include:

  1. Promote the advancement of doula services statewide in an effort for Michigan families to have equitable access to doula services.
  2. Provide advisement to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Doula Initiative on policies, applications, and resource documents with the goal of making doula services accessible to families and increasing the Medicaid enrolled doula workforce.
  3. Expand the doula workforce by creating opportunities for individuals statewide to receive approved doula training and attend additional ad hoc trainings for doulas.
  4. Advise on continuing education content and offerings to benefit the statewide doula workforce and raise awareness of the benefits of doula services.
  5. Inform the MDHHS Doula Initiative regarding activities that promote access to doula care statewide.

Michigan Doula Advisory Council Members

Region 1, Upper Peninsula:

  • Melinda Britton, Doulas of Marquette
  • Lindsey McGahey, Panoramic Doula
  • Miranda Mukka, KBIC Health System 

Regions 2 & 3, Northern Lower Michigan: 

  • Krystal Barnhart, Northern Sun Birth Services LLC
  • Angie Sanchez, Sacred Waters Collective

Region 4, West Michigan: 

  • Kiara Baskin, Bump to Birth, Day One Doula Collective
  • Alaina Bierema, Humble Beginnings Birth Services
  • Mariah Eldridge, The Moonlit Matriarch
  • Laurie Vance, Withlasava

Region 5, Saginaw Bay Area: 

  • Anesha Stanley, Full Circle Doula Services

Region 6, Thumb Area: 

  • KaraLynn (Kara) Conger, KC the Doula 

Region 7, Capital Area:

  • Montreise Giles
  • Tamara (Tammy) Villavicencio, Breathe, Balance, Birth

Region 8, Southwest Michigan:

  • Jessica English, Birth Kalamazoo
  • Bianca Nash-Miot, Birth Queens and Milk Queens
  • Kristen Schell, Kristen Schell Birth Services

Region 9, Greater Ann Arbor Area:

  • Meridith Shook Hoover, University of Michigan Dial-a-Doula Program
  • Juniper Lilac Wilson
  • Alex Wood, Affirming Doula

Region 10, Southeast Michigan, Metro Detroit: 

  • Nyasia Countee, Ancient Wisdom Birth Services
  • Lakeshia Grant, Focus: HOPE
  • Robena Hill, Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association (BMBFA)
  • Lorenda Lewis, Healing with Dignity, LLC
  • Erika Millender, Erika’s Doula Do
  • Margarita Valbuena, CHASS Center
  • Kaela Wabanimkee-Harris, Healing with Dbik Anakwad Kwe / Postpartum Healing Lodge

Michigan Doula Advisory Council Meeting Notes

2024: January, March

2023: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November