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Potential Providers

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CCBHCs are non-profit or local government agencies that provide comprehensive and coordinated behavioral health services to all Michiganders, regardless of their insurance, ability to pay, place of residence, or age. CCBHCs are federally required to provide nine comprehensive behavioral health services, including 24/7 mobile crisis response and medication assisted treatment for substance use disorders.

Potential CCBHC Expansion
Providers seeking to participate in the demonstration must agree to meet all reporting timelines determined during expansion and outlined in the CCBHC Handbook, follow the CCBHC Demonstration Policy, meet all certification and operational requirements as detailed in the Michigan CCBHC Demonstration Handbook, meet the Updated SAMHSA Criteria, and be prepared to submit the required CCBHC OMB Cost Report. CCBHCs currently participating in the demonstration may also submit requests to add new clinics or service areas. Barring a federal extension of the demonstration or MDHHS policy changes, the demonstration is set to end in September 2027.

CCBHCs must complete the MDHHS certification process to become a CCBHC under the CMS CCBHC Demonstration. The certification will be documented and monitored through the Behavioral Health Developmental Disabilities Administration (BHDDA) Customer Relationship Management database. Potential CCBHCs must provide justification of meeting CCBHC criteria and upload supporting documentation verifying that standards have been met. Certifications are valid for three years. To prepare for certification, we have added some helpful resources below.

Helpful Resources: