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CCBHC demonstration sites are selected in accordance with federal requirements, including the attainment of state based CCBHC certification, and available funding. CCBHCs participating in the demonstration have undergone a rigorous MDHHS certification process. To learn more about Michigan's CCBHC certification process, criteria, and program requirements, please review Section 2.C. and Appendix F of the CCBHC Demonstration Handbook.


CCBHCs are funded via a clinic-specific Prospective Payment System (PPS) reimbursement structure that accounts for the anticipated costs of service expansion and providing services to all persons who seek care. PPS finances CCBHC services at an enhanced payment rate to properly cover costs and offer greater financial predictability and viability. The PPS is integral to sustaining expanded services, investments in the technological and social determinants of care, and serving all eligible Michiganders regardless of insurance or ability to pay.


Unlike traditional service organizations that operate differently in each state or community, CCBHCs are required to meet established criteria related to care coordination, crisis response and service delivery, and be evaluated by a common set of quality measures.

Reporting Requirements

CMS has defined reporting requirements and guidance for the CCBHC demonstration, and MDHHS must report on a robust set of quality measures annually.  These measures, collected using administrative or clinic-specific data, help evaluate clinic performance and ensure CCBHCs continue to deliver timely, high quality services.


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