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Grants Program

The grants program supports the Council’s mission and like all of its activities, are based on core values. Congress provides grant and operating funds to councils in each state. It also sets requirements for how they can be used. Michigan DD Council members, with information and advice from self-advocates, family members, partners, committees, and the general public, develop a five-year strategic plan (5YP) for using the grant money. All grant projects carry out strategies defined in the Council’s Strategic Plan. They are awarded on a competitive basis.

Over the years, our grants have funded a variety of amazing projects and studies. Council grants build coalitions, influence public attitudes, cut across cultural barriers, and encourage people with disabilities to plan their own lives Grant projects support the efforts of people to direct their own lives, to work and contribute to their communities. Many organizations have used council funds to changed systems that improve the lives of thousands of Michigan citizens with developmental disabilities; projects for which funding ended years ago still continue to support change and independence for people with developmental disabilities in many Michigan communities.

Grants from the Michigan DD Council target changes in:

1. The “system". This means changing the way services and supports are provided, including ordinary everyday services anyone in the community might receive;
2. The community. This includes its attitudes, awareness, acceptance and willingness to include persons with developmental disabilities; and
3. The lives of people with developmental disabilities. Success is based on people taking charge and leading their own lives – self-determination – and by supporting people with developmental disabilities to live, work, contribute and participate in inclusive communities.

For more information about the grants program check out "Applying for A DD Council Grant".

The council does not accept unsolicited proposals.  Current Funding Opportunities are available here.