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Self-Advocates of Michigan (SAM)

What is SAM? Video

What is SAM?

Self-Advocates of Michigan (SAM) is a statewide organization led by leaders with developmental disabilities. SAM promotes the values of diversity, inclusion, equal rights, and the self-determination of individuals with disabilities.

SAM respects the capabilities of people with disabilities, and they are guided by the principle of “Nothing About Us Without Us”. This means no policy should be decided without the direct participation of the people whose lives will be affected by any policy or decision.

Self-Advocacy Spotlight

Watch the videos below to see self-advocacy stories from Michigan residents!

Sarah Carmany

Todd Koopmans

Blake Perry

Barb Valliere

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Individual Membership

Join SAM as an individual member. As a SAM member, you will advocate with others and increase the voice of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. You will also participate in SAM meetings, educational opportunities, and more!

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SAM Email List

Sign-up for SAM's Email List! When you sign-up, you will receive the latest news and information for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. You will also receive notices for upcoming SAM meetings, events and more!

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Questions? Contact us:

If you have any questions or concerns related to SAM, please reach out by calling or emailing SAM's Support Contact:

Renee M. Hall, M.A., C.R.C.
Advisor to Self-Advocates of Michigan (SAM), Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council
DD Council, Suite 218
PO Box 30037
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 517.284.7290
Pronouns: she, her, hers

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Last Updated: January 30, 2023