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Youth Access to Tobacco and Synar Info

The federal Synar Amendment requires states to have laws in place prohibiting the sale
and distribution of tobacco products to persons under 21 years-of-age and to enforce those
laws effectively. Annual Synar checks, required by the amendment, show that great strides
have been made the reduction in retailer violations of the law and youth access to tobacco
products in Michigan.

Keeping Tobacco Products Away from Individuals Under 21: Tobacco Retailer Education PowerPoint - Condensed

Annual Synar Report, FFY2021, Michigan

Annual Synar Report, FFY2020, Michigan

Annual Synar Report, FFY2019, Michigan

Annual Synar Report, FFY2018, Michigan

Annual Synar Report, FFY2017, Michigan

Annual Synar Report, FFY2016, Michigan

Annual Synar Report, FFY2015, Michigan

Annual Reports: Youth Tobacco Sales Rates, Synar

How Can I Report a Potential Tobacco Violation?

  • Michigan Youth Tobacco Act: Retailer Violation Complaint Form
    The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Use, Gambling and Epidemiology Section (MDHHS/SUGE) is providing the general public the opportunity to report potential tobacco, vapor or alternative nicotine sales to individuals under the age of 21, single cigarette selling or other violations related to the Michigan Youth Tobacco Act (YTA) via the Youth Tobacco Act: Retailer Violation Complaint Form.
  • Report Potential Tobacco Product Violation: FDA
    • If you see what you believe to be a violation of the Tobacco Control Act or other related regulations, you can submit a form on the FDA website. 

Synar Policy items:

MDHHS Clearinghouse - Youth Tobacco Act Retailer Signs (Click 'Tobacco')

Prevention Policy # 01: Synar
This policy incorporates, by reference, the protocols and procedures provided below:

Formal Synar Survey Protocol
This protocol consists of the following documents:

1. Michigan Synar Protocol Overview 4-2021

2. Vendor Education:
a. Vendor Education Protocol
b. 2b Vendor Education Script - Final 2022

3. Preparation Checklist for Compliance Checks:

a. Chaperone Guidance for Compliance Checks
b. Youth Inspector Guidance for Retailer and Vending Machine Compliance Checks
c. Protocol Form when Conducting Compliance Checks (pdf)
Protocol Form when Conducting Compliance Checks (MS Word)
d. Instructions For Completing YTA Protocol Compliance Check Reporting Form

4. Compliance Check Reporting (CCR) (for reporting Synar results)
a. Compliance Check Reporting Spreadsheet
b. Instructions for Completing the Compliance Check Reporting Spreadsheet

5. Master Retailer List (MRL) Improvements
a. Synar Guide to MRL Updating
b. MRL List Coverage Study Procedures

6. 2016 Coverage Study Protocol
a. Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) Tobacco Retailer Coverage Study
b. Sample Routing Sheet
c. Coverage Study Reporting Form (XL)

Other Related Items:

Youth Tobacco Act Legislation
This Act, commonly referred to as YTA, prohibits the selling, giving, or furnishing of tobacco products to minors (last amendment eff. 9/1/2006).

Tobacco Brochures
Brochures on quitting, effects of smoking, and information for retailers.



Improving Michigan Practices
Free Power Point training for tobacco compliance, quiz and certificate