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Wraparound Services

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is an EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment) service when delivered to youth under 21 years of age. Wraparound was developed in the 1980’s and adopted by Michigan in the 1990’s. Wraparound became a Michigan State Plan Service in 2013. Wraparound is made available to Medicaid-eligible youth and families in all Michigan counties. It is made accessible through a network of CMHSPs (Community Mental Health Service Programs) and their contracted providers. Wraparound supervisors and facilitators receive extensive initial and ongoing training to become certified to deliver the planning process to youth and families.


Wraparound in Michigan is guided by 13 values: Child Well Being, Family Focused, Safety, Individualized, Cultural Competence, Direct Practice and System Persistence, Community Based, Strength Based, Parent Professional Partnership, Collaboration, Social Network/Informal Supports, Outcome Based, Cost Effective & Responsible.

How does Wraparound work?

Wraparound is an individualized, holistic, comprehensive, youth-guided, and family-driven planning process. This voluntary process utilizes a collaborative team approach including youth and their family and their choice of professional and natural supports. The planning process follows four stages: Hello-Engagement and team preparation, Help-Initial plan development, Heal-Implementation, and Hope-Transition. 

The Child and Family Team Plan is built on strengths and driven by underlying needs. The plan provides realistic strategies to meet measurable and attainable outcomes that the Child and Family Team develop. Ongoing evaluation of the Child and Family Team Plan occurs during each Child and Family Team meeting and adjustments are made as needed.

Who is Wraparound For?

All Medicaid-eligible youth that meet two or more of the following criteria are eligible for Wraparound: Children/youth who are involved in multiple child/youth serving systems; Children/youth who are at risk of out-of-home placements or are currently in out-of-home placement; Children/youth who have received other mental health services with minimal improvement in functioning; The risk factors exceed capacity for traditional community-based options; Numerous providers are working with multiple children/youth in a family and the identified outcomes are not being met.

All youth served under the Children’s Serious Emotional Disturbance Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (SEDW).

All youth in placement at CCIs (Child Caring Institutions) or Hawthorn Center (up to 180 days while in placement).

Why Wraparound?

The Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse conducted a systematic review and rated Wraparound as “promising”. Wraparound has shown an overall increase in functioning and self-sufficiency. The planning process promotes youth and family voice and choice. Data has shown Wraparound is an effective process in reducing out-of-home placement, promoting community inclusion and partnership, increasing youth and family confidence and resiliency, and improving mental health and interpersonal functioning.

Where is Wraparound?

Wraparound is available in all Michigan counties, made accessible through a network of CMHSPs and their contracted providers. Referrals may be made by anyone (child-serving agencies, professional providers, community partners, educators, parents/caregivers, families, friends, etc.) on behalf of the child/youth. A referral to Wrapround can be made by contacting the CMHSP in the county in which the child/youth resides. For a CMHSP directory, please see below.    

CMHSP Directory • CMHAM - Community Mental Health Association of Michigan

Reference Section 3.29 MedicaidProviderManual.pdf (

  • Michigan State University analyzes Wraparound data through the Wraparound Evaluation Project (WEP, referred to as “REDCap”) and provides an annual report to the State of Michigan. The reported data is used to measure outcomes, assess fidelity to the Wraparound model, and inform future efforts to improve and strengthen Wraparound in the State of Michigan.

  • Wraparound services are covered by Medicaid for up to 180 days while in placement for the purpose of transition back to the community; Wraparound must be suspended once the children/youth has been placed for more than 180 days.  When Wraparound-enrolled children/youth are placed at a CCI, including a QRTP, or Hawthorn Center, transition planning should begin immediately in conjunction with the Wraparound Child and Family Team and facility staff.


    Children/youth not enrolled in Wraparound and currently placed in a CCI, including a QRTP, or Hawthorn Center, should be referred to the Wraparound provider in their communities.  The Wraparound provider will work with the children/youth and their caregiver(s) to develop a Child and Family Team.  The Child and Family Team will work collaboratively with facility staff and other child-serving systems to facilitate a comprehensive and holistic plan of services and supports that will enable the children/youth to return to their community.