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Bureau of Children's Coordinated Health Policy & Supports

The Bureau of Children's Coordinated Health Policy & Supports (BCCHPS) has been created to improve and build upon the coordination and oversight of children's behavioral health services and policies. BCCHPS is based on the belief that services must be designed specifically for the needs of children, including those transitioning through different health care settings. For example, mobile and intensive crisis services for children and youth should be different than those addressing adult needs.

BCCHPS prioritizes the critical importance of including families in addressing the health needs of children. Efforts will reinforce needed protections for youth so they can access the most appropriate services when they are needed rather than turning to an emergency room or child welfare services. BCCHPS works hand-in-hand with other MDHHS administrations to address children's behavioral health crises and to focus on expanding dedicated partnerships and advocate relationships.

BCCHPS consists of three divisions to support the development and implementation of a system of care for children, youth and their families in the public mental health system:

  • Office of the Advocate for Children, Youth, and Families
  • Program and Grant Development and Quality Monitoring Division
  • Access Standards, Service Array, and Policy Division


Additional information about these divisions is forthcoming.

Mental health services for children/youth and their families county map.