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Evaluation Plan

The Michigan legislature approved a revised version of Section 298 as part of Public Act 107 of 2017. Under Sub-Section 7 of Section 298, the Michigan legislature directed the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to "contract with 1 of the state's research universities at least 6 months before the completion of each pilot project or demonstration model to evaluate the pilot project or demonstration model. The evaluation shall include information on the pilot project's or demonstration model's success in meeting the performance metrics developed in subsection (1) and information on whether the pilot project could be replicated into other geographic areas with similar performance metric outcomes."

In September 2017, the department selected the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation at the University of Michigan as the project evaluator for the Section 298 Initiative. The evaluation team will be led by Kara Zivin, PhD and will include the following team members.

The evaluation team will assist the department with (1) developing performance metrics and an evaluation plan and (2) conducting the evaluation of the pilot(s) and demonstration model. 


Overview of the Evaluation Process

The University of Michigan evaluation team developed an overview of the evaluation process for the pilots and demonstration project. The following document provides a high-level overview of the process and will be used as the basis for a more comprehensive evaluation plan in the future.

Overview of the Evaluation Process