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Resources for Families and Children

Stay Well - Creative Coping banner

This workshop series for kids and their caregivers uses art-based exercises to help children develop emotional intelligence—the ability to perceive, understand and manage emotions. Family members work together on art projects centered around identity, self-awareness and emotional expression. The workshops are led by Stay Well outreach specialist Zeinab Moussa, who has children of her own and loves to get families talking, especially while making art!

Click here for the free workbook.

Creative Coping - Week 1: My changing emotions: anger and sadness

Creative Coping - Week 2: My changing emotions: joy, fear and surprise

Creative Coping - Week 3: Check in: How are you feeling?

Creative Coping – Week 4: Self-care planning

Creative Coping - Week 5: Self-value: what are my best qualities?

Creative Coping - Week 6: Our family values

Wellness Worksheets for Kids

Use these worksheets to help children learn to recognize their feelings, keep themselves calm, and build their social-emotional skills. Click on each title to download the worksheet.

Activity Tracker

Affirmations List

Anger Iceberg

Be Kind to Your Mind - Relaxation Strategies

Breathing Exercises

Feeling Anxious - Reduce Your Anxiety

Feelings and Emotions List

Goal Setting

Growth Mindset

I AM - fill in the blank

List of Free Wellness Apps

Name the Feeling

Name Your Worry

Permission to Feel

Problem Solving

Self-Check-In Sheet

To-Do List

Weekly Check-In

Wellness Bingo Icebreaker

What is Wellness

How to Maintain Calm Throughout the Day banner

These audio recordings by Stay Well outreach specialist Chardae Korhonen provide guidance for building moments of mindfulness into your day.

  1. Begin the day with intention.
  2. Pause for a midday reset.
  3. End the day with gratitude.

Be Kind Teens Banner Large

Teens are known to have their ups and downs, but studies show the COVID-19 pandemic has left many young people struggling with serious emotional distress.

Do you have a teenager in your life exhibiting dark moods, ongoing anxiety, or uncharacteristic new habits? Are you unsure of how to respond? Watch this recorded webinar and learn how to:

  • Recognize signs of distress in your teen
  • Provide positive support
  • Talk to your teen about mental health
  • Lead by example by managing your own wellness

Watch the recording here.

Download the worksheet: Supporting Teens Mental Wellness.

Coping with Grief and Loss Banner

Learning to live with grief and loss is a painful process—and while it may differ from one individual to another, it helps to understand the normal feelings we all experience.

In this workshop series, Stay Well outreach specialist Zeinab Moussa discusses the emotions experienced by those who are grieving and offers healthy ways to cope. 

Session 1: Shock and Denial

Session 2: Anger

Session 3: Depression

Session 4: Acceptance and Healing

Download the accompanying Coping with Grief and Loss Workbook.

Summer Wellness for Families banner

Download the Summer Wellness for Families packet when school gets out for the summer, to keep your family mentally healthy and engaged!