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Environmental Health Surveillance Section

The Environmental Health Surveillance Section develops, maintains, and analyzes surveillance data on health issues related to environmental and occupational exposures.

The section utilizes data to identify need for intervention. For example, staff identify worksites where occupational injuries have occurred and refer cases to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA). MIOSHA then has the discretion to conduct worksite inspections, identify violations, and assess penalties. In addition, the section’s MiTracking program makes a wide variety of data available to the public through its data query system.

The Environmental Health Surveillance Section has the following components:

Climate and Tracking Unit

Aaron Ferguson, Unit Manager – 517-284-4801 

The CAT Unit brings together the Michigan Climate and Health Adaptation Program (MICHAP) and the Michigan Environmental Public Health Tracking Program (MiTracking). MiTracking and MICHAP are critical to developing the cross-sector and data-driven strategies needed to prepare for and respond to emerging environmental health threats which are exacerbated by social and economic inequities and magnified by climate change.

Occupational Health and Injury Surveillance Unit

Allen Stout, Unit Manager – 517-582-2295

The Occupational Health and Injury Surveillance Unit surveils occupational injuries to and illnesses in Michigan workers. This is done in partnership with the Michigan State University Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

The unit also conducts investigative analyses to identify high risk groups and leading causes of injury or occupational illness which guide prevention and intervention efforts.

The work of the unit supports key state and national initiatives to reduce harm from workplace exposures and to help Michigan communities stop injuries and violence.

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