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Behavioral Adaptability: Learning About Novel Contamination in the Environment (BALANCE)

BALANCE is designed to understand certain characteristics of health and behavior, and how those may be related to learning about blood or water test results for PFAS or other environmental chemicals. 

To do this, researchers will ask participants of other projects to join this new research. Eligibility criteria apply. Participation is simple and easy. 

All participants will be asked to answer questions about their health and things they do before they learn their PFAS (or other chemical) test results, and then again after they have learned their test results. 

As a thank you for participation, we are offering gift cards up to $100 for completing the study. 

We hope to learn important and useful information about the impact of learning about environmental chemicals. 

Call 877-212-7221 or email to speak with a study team member and enroll in this important research. 

See the timeline of study events below.