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Information for Health Care Providers

As a health care provider, you might be hearing from your patient(s) that participated in the MDHHS Michigan Chemical Exposure Monitoring (MiChEM) project. This project will help the MDHHS understand more about chemical exposures of Michigan residents.

Blood and urine samples from participants in MiChEM are being tested for 197 environmental chemicals. Participants also complete a survey that includes questions specific to how they may have come in contact with certain chemicals. Participants are given the option to receive their lab test results.

Your patient(s) may bring their results and this Health Care Provider Flyer to you for discussion.

Please visit the Environmental Health Education for Health Care Providers website for information and resources about the chemicals the MiChEM project is measuring.

The MiChEM project team is available to answer questions related to the MiChEM project results and environmental chemical exposures. Call 844-464-7327 or email

If you have questions about the Michigan Chemical Exposure Monitoring (MiChEM) project, call 844-464-7327.

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