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Quotes from Belmont/Rockford Community Members - Click for PDF Version

MiPEHS (pronounced: my-pez) is the Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study, conducted by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) in the City of Parchment, Cooper Township, and the Belmont/Rockford area.

Check out our progress at each step:

Data Collection for Phase 1 of MiPEHS Complete 10/13/2021


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359 Belmont/Rockford area households completed STEP 1 and joined the study!

722 Total households at both study sites completed

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693 Belmont/Rockford area individuals completed STEP 1 and joined the study!

1305 Total individuals at both study sites completed


*Invitations are being mailed in phases. All invitations will be mailed by end of March.

*Numbers here reflect those who have scheduled an appointment, not necessarily those who have completed an appointment

If you are interested in joining the study and have not received an invitation, please call

STEP 2: Complete the Health Survey

  • 583 Belmont/Rockford area individuals who have completed their health survey!
  • 1064 Total individuals at both study sites completed STEP 2!

*Some participants may not have completed their health survey.

STEP 3: Complete the Blood Draw

  • 504 Belmont/Rockford area individuals who have completed their blood draw!
  • 930 Total individuals at both study sites completed STEP 3!

*These blood draw updates reflect the number of individuals who were able to give at least 10mL of blood from their arm. We aim to collect more, but a sample of 10 mL allows us to test for at least PFAS. Details about blood samples during this study will be described in upcoming reports.

*MiPEHS participants under the age of 12 do not complete a blood draw.

*Not all participants are able to have their blood sampled.

STEP 4: Complete Water Sampling

  • 290 Belmont/Rockford area households had water samples collected!
  • 398 Total households that completed step 4!

*Not all participants will have their household water sampled.

NOTE: These updates are intended to represent the data available at the time of the update.