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Eat Safe Fish - Order, Save, or Print

Do you need to order Eat Safe Fish materials? If so, please visit our Healthy Michigan Ordering Webpage below. All items are provided free of charge. However, some items are subject to quantity limits.

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Click on any of the links below to open a PDF that can be saved to your computer or printed directly.  You will need to install the free Adobe Reader if you do not have it.

Going Fishing?

MDHHS Eat Safe Fish Guides (booklets)

Eat Safe Fish in Michigan (brochure)

Coma Pescados Seguros en Míchigan

في ميشيجان انتقاء الأسماك الآمنة  

ăn cá an toàn tại Michigan

Noj Cov Ntses Muaj Kev Nyab Xeeb hauv Michigan

在 密 歇 根 吃 安 全 的 鱼

Safe Fish for You and Your Family (bookmark)

Statewide Safe Fish Guidelines (fact sheet)

Get to Know the 3Cs (fact sheet)

Learn How Chemicals Build Up in Fish (Bioaccumulation & Persistent Chemicals)

Frequently Asked Questions about Eat Safe Fish (fact sheet)

Learn to Filet a Fish (fact sheet)

Eat Safe Fish Poster

Adolescent Health Poster - Girl

Adolescent Health Poster - Boy

Infographic, Michigan Fish Consumption

Diabetes - Clinician Fact Sheet

Quick Start to Safer Fish

Buying Fish?

Buy Safe Fish (brochure)

Comprar Pescado Seguro

شراء أسماك آمنة     

Mua Cá An Toàn

Yuav Zoo Ntses

购买 安全的鱼  

Healthy Fish (fact sheet)

Hooked on Fish: Recipes from the Great Lakes State (cookbook)

Infographic, General Fish Consumption (PDF- for electronic media sharing)

Infographic, Pregnancy Fish Consumption (PDF- for electronic media sharing)

Eat Safe Wild Game

Lead in Venison

Protect Your Child from Lead in Venison

Lead in Venison for Food Service Providers

(Please see "Go Local: Saginaw Bay Area" for specific guidelines for that location.)

Go Local!

Clark's Marsh (Iosco County)

Fish Advisory for Clark's Marsh


Eat Safe Fish in the Detroit Area

Eat Safe Fish From the Detroit River (sign)

Eat Safe Fish in Areas of Concern (fact sheet)


Is that Oil? Kalamazoo River & Enbridge Oil Spill (fact sheet)

Eat Safe Fish from the Kalamazoo River & Enbridge Oil Spill (sign)


Eat Safe Fish from the Manistique River (sign)

Cleaning Your Fish from the Manistique River (sign)

Eat Smart Fish Smart Poster for the Manistique River (poster)

Rouge River

Eat Safe Fish from the Rouge River (sign)

Consuma Pescado sin Riesgo del Rio Rouge (señal en español)


Eat Safe Fish in the Saginaw Bay Area

Eat Safe Wild Game in the Saginaw Bay Area

St Clair Shores

Fish Advisory at the Lange & Revere Canals (fact sheet)

Going Fishing this Summer in the Lange or Revere Canals? (fact sheet)

St Clair Shores Fish Advisory Letter 1 - May 24, 2011

St Clair Shores City Council Report - June 11, 2011 - Fish Sample Report

St Clair Shores Fish Advisory Letter 2 - August 5, 2011

St Clair Shores - Preventing Exposure to PCBs

Reports & Science

Press Releases

Data & Scientific Reports

eToolkit for Partners