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Michigan Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance (MHSEES)

From October 4  through September 2009, MDHHS participated in a surveillance system for hazardous substances releases called Hazardous Substance Emergency Events Surveillance (MI-HSEES). The federally funded HSEES program included 14 other states that all used the same protocol to collect, analyze and disseminate data on acute chemical releases and related adverse health effects, and conducted interventions to mitigate the impacts of releases on environmental and human health.  MDHHS has issued annual reports for each full year of data collection.

Beginning October 2009, MDHHS is continuing with a scaled-back HSEES program as an unfunded state, along with seven currently funded states.

HSEES Annual Reports

2015 MI-HSEES Annual Report
2014 MI-HSEES Annual Report
2013 MI-HSEES Annual Report
2012 MI-HSEES Annual Report
2011 MI-HSEES Annual Report
2010 MI-HSEES Annual Report
2009 - No Report
2008 MI-HSEES Annual Report 
2007 MI-HSEES Annual Report 
2006 MI-HSEES Annual Report 
2005 MI-HSEES Annual Report