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Work-Related Illnesses and Injuries

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Work-Related Illnesses and Injuries

The law requires a safe and healthy workplace. But, workplace illnesses and injuries still occur daily. Almost all workplace illnesses and injuries can be prevented. In Michigan, there are about 20,000 individuals each year who have a new workers’ compensation (WC) claim for a work-related illness or injury to cover lost work time and associated medical costs. On average, 2-3 workers die of a work-related injury each week in Michigan. All workers have a right to work in a workplace where, at the end of the day, they can go home safe and sound.

Work-related illnesses and injuries data and information for Workers’ Compensation (Paid Wage Loss Claims) and Traumatic Work-related Deaths are available on the MiTracking data portal.

Additional information about risk, prevention, resources, and more are available on the following sub-pages:

Traumatic Work-related Deaths (Fatalities)

Workers' Compensation (Paid Wage Loss Claims)