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Suicide Prevention Media Campaign Assets

Our goal for creating and disseminating public health media campaign materials for suicide prevention is to reduce stigma associated with mental health and suicide and to educate the public on ways to help and the resources that exist for those experiencing thoughts of suicide.

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention’s framework for successful messaging was utilized to develop the narratives found within the campaigns shared below. These campaigns were developed by the Suicide Prevention team within the Injury and Violence section at MDHHS. The media assets below can be downloaded and shared on your own platforms. You are encouraged to review the framework and safe messaging guidelines before sharing any messages pertaining to suicide.

If you have questions regarding the suicide prevention campaign materials, you can email Megan Scott, Communications Specialist, at

Preventing Suicide in Michigan - Real Men's Stories

“Speak Up. The life you save could be your own.”

Statistics show that Men are 3x more likely to die by suicide than women. MDHHS’s Preventing Suicide in Michigan Men program, in partnership with the Governors Suicide Prevention Commission, developed a campaign that allowed real men with lived experience to share their stories with other men who may be struggling. MDHHS would like to thank the male participants for their willingness to share their stories. If you or a loved one is struggling with thoughts of suicide, help is available. Dial 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

"Life Continued" :60

"Life Continued" :30

"Life Continued" - Juan  :15

"Life Continued" - Scott  :15

"Life Continued" - Kevin  :15

Reducing Access to Lethal Means

 Research tells us that when a lethal mean is made less accessible it can cause a person at risk of suicide to delay the attempt (either temporarily or permanently) or substitute with a less lethal mean. The reduction in lethal mean or delayed attempt allows for more time to get the individual help. The campaign below was created to educate the public on how reducing access to lethal means can save a life. For more information on lethal means reduction, visit Suicide Prevention: Reducing Access to Lethal Means – SAVE.

This campaign was developed in alignment with Michigan’s Suicide Prevention Commission's #1 priority, to minimize risk for suicidal behavior my promoting safe environments, resiliency, and connectedness. To learn more about the commission, click here.