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Mission / Vision

The mission of the Injury and Violence Prevention Section is to use the public health approach to characterize the problems; identify and promote evidence-based solutions; and provide data, tools, resources, knowledge and skills at local, state and national levels.

MDHHS Injury & Violence Prevention Section
Vision Statement for 2010

To make a significant contribution to public health—specifically, in the areas of injury and violence prevention—by:

Providing leadership to support and coordinate collaborative efforts among stakeholders to address priority causes of injury and violence in Michigan;

Integrating surveillance systems that collect violence and injury data and communicating that information for the purpose of action;

Promoting the application of evidence-based programming and evaluation to all at-risk populations for priority causes of injury and violence;

Providing technical support and ensuring that appropriate training opportunities are available to ensure that injury prevention and other professionals have the skills and materials related to best practice; and

Engaging public and private partners to educate the public, policy makers, and others about injuries and violence and to advocate, on behalf of Michigan’s citizens, for laws and public policies that reflect best practices.