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Pediatric Readiness


Welcome to the pediatric readiness page

This newly developed main page for all pediatric readiness resources is still being built! Be sure to come back often to locate new resources, updates, education opportunities that meet your needs! 


What is pediatric readiness?

Pediatric Readiness is the ability to meet the immediate needs of an ill or injured child – no matter where they live or at which point of the emergency medical service continuum, they receive care.

Why does pediatric readiness matter?

Pediatric encounters comprise a smaller portion of EMS calls and community ED visits in most areas of the State. The care of an ill or injured child is considered a low-frequency, high-impact encounter to many pre-hospital and hospital providers. Improving pediatric readiness across the continuum of care is critical. A special focus on supporting and bolstering those agencies, departments and providers who have lower pediatric volumes, and overall pediatric readiness is especially impactful. Robust efforts are made to promote and support pediatric readiness, especially in rural areas of the State, as pediatric encounters become even more infrequent, exacerbating an already low-frequency, high-impact encounter for providers with limited resources. By supporting pediatric readiness efforts across the continuum of care, access to quality pediatric emergency care is enhanced, no matter where a child lives, plays, goes to school or travels or how they encounter emergency medical services.

What is a Pediatric Champion?

A Pediatric Champion may also be known as a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC). They are an individual(s) who is responsible for coordinating pediatric specific activities. A designated individual(s) who coordinates pediatric emergency care need not be dedicated solely to this role; it can be an individual(s) already in place who assumes this role as part of their existing duties.

Pediatric Champion Office Hours

Last Tuesday of every month at 2 p.m.

Annual schedule


Click here to download the pdf of the MI MEDIC

Prehospital Contact

Samantha Mishra, DO, MPH

EMS for Children Coordinator

(517) 896 8061

Hospital Contact

Lauren Korte, MA, BAS, RRT

Medical Surge Planner

(517) 335 8150

EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center

Check out the EIIC website for information and resources related to pediatric readiness in your respective area of focus

For tips and FAQs about navigating the EIIC site, check out this resource guide

MI MEDIC Michigan Emergency Dosing and Intervention Cards

Updates and Opportunities!

EMS Agencies and MCAs - The National Pre-Hospital Pediatric Readiness assessment will launch in May of 2024. This assessment is for all EMS agencies in the United States. Stay tuned for more information, resources and a copy of the assessment!

ED and Hospitals - The National Pediatric Readiness Project is currently in a QI period. You can access resources anytime ( Stay tuned for updated Michigan Hospital Pediatric Readiness Resources which are under review currently. To complete a Peds Ready Assessment anytime, visit - the Gap Report and Score are accepted under the new ACS requirements for verification.